Storm in a Teacup

August 29, 2012

48 Smith Street, Collingwood
Searching for a quiet spot for a good cuppa? Look no further – there’s a storm brewing in this little cafe on Smith St!

Met with H for a late lunch one Sunday, and suggested the somewhat recently opened Storm in a Teacup. As I alighted the tram on Gertrude street, the wind picked up and it started to pour down with rain; Storm in a Teacup provided an appropriately named haven from the weather. The place is warm, calm and quiet, exactly what I was looking for!

The space is small and attractive, they have a lovely long bar with blue tiles, and some interesting artwork on the back wall. Check out the bar stools, potentially the best design I’ve ever seen. Thunder + clouds, awesome.

Being a true Melbournian, I love a good coffee with my eggs on toast, but I actually drink far more tea during the day, mostly while studying. Understandably, I was particularly thrilled to hear about a Storm in a Teacup opening and celebrating all forms of tea! To quote C.S. Lewis, you can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough for me.

My jade oolong tea. Floral, strong framework of tannins, greatly enjoyed. You get several brews out of each set of leaves, and the lovely people at Storm in a Teacup are all too happy to help you make your selection from the long menu.

H had a roasted dandelion tea with wattle seed and cinnamon, warming and cleansing and delicious. I’m not one for milky tea so preferred my oolong, but H really enjoyed this. Matching well with her tea was some orange and fennel rye fruit toast with fresh ricotta. Simply delicious.

I, quite predictably, ate a delicious rendition of avocado on rye with chili jam, feta, cherry tomatoes and rocket. Perhaps they were a tad too liberal with the chili jam but apart from that it was brilliant. Next time though I’m coming back for the chicken terrine on sourdough with orange and beetroot relish, and a spot of Earl Grey tea!

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