Sugardough Panificio & Patisserie

November 22, 2012

163 Lygon Street, Brunswick East
This post was intended to be a revisit of Gingerlee, which I raved about twice way back when the blog was still in its fledgling stage. But I am sad to report that both Alex and my meals were a disappointment, and the service was rubbish – most notably they forgot our meals – we’d ordered two serves of eggs with bacon and spinach, an easy fry up that should take no more than 15 minutes. Worst of all, they’d taken the Syrian french toast off the menu, which was a golden ticket to breakfast bliss. Really disappointing, so sad.
NOT on the menu at Gingerlee anymore – don’t get excited
This is my brother looking impatient and hungry. And yes, yes he is a lumberjack.

Anyway, to console ourselves over both a bad breakfast and the sensation that we’d been let down by a good friend, we traipsed up Lygon Street until we reached the happy place of baked goods – Sugadough Panificio and Patisserie.

I call it the Happy Place because it marries two cultures whose cuisines are ripe with delicious, chewy, flakey, sweet and savoury breads, cakes, pasties and flans; Italy and France.

They also do other small savoury dishes, but we only had eyes for sweeties. Alex, after much thought, selected a raspberry and almond tart, which he thoroughly enjoyed. I perused the long counter, scanning over the multitude of baked goods on offer: hot cross buns beckoned, cheesecake called, Nutella filled pastries pleaded to be eaten.

Ultimately though I was drawn to the window display, where my gaze passed over a pretty line of croissants and came to rest on a pile of bombolone, all covered in icing sugar.

I can now say that their custard filled bombolone are, frankly, life changing. It’s a good thing I’m not often up this end of Lygon Street because rest assured I would eat these ALL. DAY. LONG.

The original owners of Sugardough (they sold the business last year) have also recently opened a bakery in Spotswood called Candied, next door to the Duchess, which has more of an American bent with apple pie shakes and malt flavoured soft serve. Methinks another trip across the Westgate is in order…

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