Taco Truck & Beatbox Kitchen (MFWF 2012)

March 12, 2012

I thought I’d kick off my inaugural post on the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival with a simple, chilled out review. The Festival is marking its 20th year with extra long and extra delicious celebrations, so I feel lucky that my first experience of it is so much fun. I’m attending a number of other MFWF events, but will write about them separately in the coming weeks.

Despite some ominous looking clouds, it was on a surprisingly warm Sunday arvo that I trekked into the city to attend “Food Trucks Unite!”, one the first MFWF events to grace Melbourne’s streets. I’ve always felt that going into the city on a weekend was a much bigger deal than mid-week, not least of all because of the terrible tram services, which only shows my commitment and enthusiasm at the notion of multiple food trucks in one place.

This was the first time I’d seen Dhaba, the curry truck. Their food smelt amazing, but the weather was rather warm and I didn’t feel in the mood for curry. I’ll be on the look out for them in the future, although they don’t seem to be in Melbourne all the time – more reliable info can be found on their website.

Massive Wieners was also in attendance with a rather teeny and slightly unimpressive stand. But I suppose they’re not technically a food truck so it’s understandable that their wiener-mobility may be a little rusty. You can read more about my adventures involving Massive Wieners here.

The main drawcard for me was the TACO TRUCK – purveyor of tacos, distributer of hot sauce, provider of remedies for alcohol-related woes. They tend to circle the northern suburbs: Brunswick, Carlton, Northcote, etc. You can follow their movements on their twitter page.

The fish taco was brilliant, a crispy and light piece of battered fish, slaw, poppy mayo, a squeeze of lime, and a healthy dose of chilli sauce that I added myself, natch. My favourite out of the two.

Also excellent and slightly more unusual was the potato taco, which came as a soft piece of potato sandwiched between a folded crisp tortilla with jalapeno ricotta, slaw and a salsa verde. I would have liked to have seen a little more heat in the jalapeno ricotta.

Here are the chicken tacos ordered by A. They come with a corn salsa (really just steamed corn), baby spinach and a chipotle mayo. Yummo!

The second most popular food truck of the day was the Beatbox Kitchen. I’d first had Beatbox a few years ago at Splendour Music Festival, and to this day remember their Ralph Burger as something of a miracle. Miss A had been craving one for days, so I snapped a picture of hers.

Even though I was full from my tacos, the Ralph Burger was envy-inducing. A moist beef patty, melty cheese, squishy bread, nom nom nom…

I love this photo of the burger. It looks like it’s talking to you, or licking its lips with a giant tomato tongue. All up, an enjoyable afternoon with a rather festive feel (given the food trucks and the music they were playing), and excellent street food!

Taco Truck on Urbanspoon Beatbox Kitchen (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon