The Bean Thief

April 15, 2011

773 High Street, Kew East

Since returning from Bristol I’d noticed this place on my tram route – and oh look, how convenient! There’s a tram stop right outside the cafe! (no. 42) I walked in, and was invited to choose a place to sit. I forwent the window seats and the small marble tables inside for the promise of a little sunshine in the back courtyard. The interior is largely French provincial, and in the courtyard they had a wire wall of little flower pots, very cute. And they were playing Gypsy and the Cat. Yep, I’m sold.

I started off with a latte, but I am bitterly disappointed to report that it really wasn’t very good at all. In fact, by far the worst I’ve had in a long while. It just had that bitter, over-roasted/brewed sort of taste. So the coffee this time wasn’t so flash – well at least I’ve been able to spruce it up with a mildly artistic photo – notice the subject of the photo sitting slightly off centre (the extent of my artistry, I’m afraid).
It took me a good 15 minutes to pick what I wanted from the menu, it was quite extensive and most of it really appealed to me, in particular the grilled seasonal asparagus salad with parmesan, rocket, sage, poached egg, balsamic and oil infusion, and the beetroot carpaccio with pan fried chicken, fetta, rocket, mustard and lemon oil. Oh yes, and the mushroom bruschetta of marinated mushrooms with chilli, sage, garlic and persian fetta, because I love mushrooms, and garlic, and fetta.

In the end though I went with the roast vegetables salad with spinch, pesto, pine nuts, lemons juice and persian fetta. I really enjoyed it, very fresh and colourful and tasty. The roasted vegetables that I could pick out were pumpkin, red onion, beetroot, eggplant and potato, but they’d all sort of been dyed pink by the beetroot so it was a little hard to tell. They went really well with the tang from the pesto and lemon juice, and the saltiness of the fetta. Yummy.

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