The Bridge Hotel

June 10, 2012

642 Bridge Road, Richmond
It was the end of summer, all of my girlfriends from school were back in town after time spent on exchange, holidaying in India, working, interning and generally being pretty damn busy. So we caught up for pints and a spot of pub grub at the newly refurbished Bridge Hotel (pictured below, in case you hadn’t worked that out yet).

Suddenly the word ‘refurbished’ seems hideously inadequate for the change that’s taken place here. Refurbishment means a layer of paint, new upholstery and potentially widening a door by a few inches. The Bridge has been completely overhauled, revamped and transformed, into a funky space with an open rooftop and a myriad of nooks and crannies to discover.

Stepping in, the secenery is that of a city laneway, with what looks like apratment balconies above and street signs jutting out. To your left is the bar and diner, to your right are funky green circular lounges with watering cans hanging precariously above. And bottles of absolut as water vessels – standard.

Head upstairs past the hanging feature of bicycles, and there’s another dining room with stuffed birds on the walls (or was that the downstairs dining room?). Walking in, I felt slightly like I was tripping. The whole place, while impressive, is a bit ADHD, like a group of interior designers just went absolutely nuts on crack and bought so much stuff that every two metres you walk is a new theme, a new mod-art feature, a new bizarre seating arrangement.

On the opposite site of the “street” upstairs is a series of rooms, one with an entire wall of TVs from the 80s, and cute little balconies for chats and G&Ts.

The room we were sitting in was probably meant to look like a studio, there were two chairs positioned in front of mirrors with light bulbs, a wall of vintage cameras and this gear, for the photo shoots that will never happen. There’s also another bar upstairs, so a drink is never far away!

…Well, each to their own I suppose. Perhaps this is for two seriously vain people to sit and have a drink while checking themselves out. I read an article recently about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian taking hours to get ready because the two of them, collectively, are vainer than a pair of grandmas with chronic varicose vein problems (fark I’m funny) and they literally spend hours trying on different outfits and looking in the mirror. Little do they know that the Bridge Hotel has solved their problem!

This place is messing with my head… ok just a few more shots of the interior. As much as I’m bagging them out, I am actually seriously impressed with what the owners have done with the place – who on earth wouldn’t want to hang out here – you get a high just from standing in that lower courtyard!

BEWARE of this table!! You will not be able to get either in nor out of the seats without great difficulty. The six of us looked like utter fools spending a good 5 minutes getting in and sitting down, then discovering the couches in the next room were free a moment later, and then shuffling about for another five minutes trying to get out again! You can see Alice’s arm in the corner, trapped in the table of death.

Food! Finally.

Eggplant parmigiana – the best thing was actually the salad, leaving a sad tale to be told about the eggplant, which was disappointingly bland and under-seasoned. In contrast, a side serve of fries with aioli was legendary.

Wagyu burger with bacon, egg, caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese, relish and aioli. Sloppily fabulous. So. Much. Protein.

Fin. Whew!

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