The Cupcake Bakery

October 13, 2011

Shop 6, Ground Floor, Melbourne Central

I have walked by The Cupcake Bakery many times, and heard of their macro-sized cupcakes from friends, but in my love affair with Little Cupcakes in Degraves Street (love affair, addiction, it all depends on how you look at it), I’ve neglected this place. Certainly their window display had me impressed.

In addition to the norm, more unusual flavours available include chilli-chocolate, hummingbird (banana, pineapple + pecan cake with cream cheese buttercream – which to be honest sounds disgusting), lemon meringue (vanilla buttercake with lemon curd filling (I LOVE lemon curd) and topped with bruleed meringue), and custard tumble, complete with custard filling choux pastry spheres topped with chocolate sauce.

They also make large (read: normal cake sized) cupcakes, which take pride of place on top of the display cabinet. I can just imagine a party of four year olds (or even twenty year olds) going berserk over one of these. The huge swirls of icing on this giant cupcake remind me of shaving cream, or some sort of hair product from the 50s.

We took home with us a small selection for a family birthday dinner, including rocky road, chocolate and red velvet.

I, of course, tasted one of the red velvets. I found the cake to be very dense, not quite as fluffy as I would have liked, and without a particularly noticeable flavour. The icing was nice though, with a subtle cream cheese taste. In all, a good cupcake, but not as good as my (Little) favourite, or Cupcake Central, which sits only a minute away in the Melbourne Central food court.

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