The Fish Market

April 6, 2014

272 Bridge Road, Richmond

‘Here, fishy, fishy’, is what was running through my mind as Alex and I desperately searched for a park along bustling Bridge Road. Never mind the traffic or the depressing number of P15 signs we were coming across – it was Thursday evening, we were getting fish and chips, and I only had one thing on my mind.

When we arrived, the Fish Market was bustling but we slid easily into a free table in the back room. A plethora of seafood beckoned from the ice bench in the front window, and I was tempted by the idea of a half-dozen oysters to start things off, but in the end decided this was a bit too indulgent for mid-week (I know, I’m quite the Puritan).

Inside, the Fish Market is a pleasant, light-filled space with happy yellow accents from the stools and a long, striped communal table. It feels like a slick beach-side joint, and is a relaxing place to be in.

The menu is also pleasantly unfussy: a predictable offering of various fish cuts (beer battered or grilled), and a number of burger options (both meat and fish). They’ve also got a small list of ‘favourites’: calamari rings; scallops; prawns; oysters; and the ubiquitous dim sim and potato cake. They also have a special for the day, which is usually a whole fish grilled with a salad.

Alex had a crispy piece of Flake with thick cut chips, a salad (good boy) and a dim sim as an extra little treat. Homemade tartare sauce was a good complement.

I had a whole grilled snapper with a tomato, onion and parsley salsa on top and a Greek salad on the side. Really delicious, fresh and succulent, my only qualm was that they’d used curly and not flat leaf parsley, which is something I cannot abide by. Apart from that, the fish was lovely and sweet and hit the spot perfectly!

Give me a whole fish, a lemon wedge and one of these beers, and I am a happy girl! Mountain Goat Steam Ale, what a winner.

Sated, the pair of us.

Blogger’s note: Cheers to Nic for the heads up about this place!

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