The Pour Kids

February 12, 2012

1E Winter Street, Malvern
I first visited the Pour Kids and took most of these photos almost three months ago. Since then, I am ashamed to say, it’s been sitting in my drafts folder and in my note book, waiting to be published.But please don’t let my tardiness fool you into thinking this place isn’t worthwhile –  it’s quite the opposite, really. The Pour Kids is poor in nothing but name: the staff are knowledgeable and super friendly, the cafe is fitted out with brightly coloured chairs that make you feel like you’re back in kindergarden, and the menu is so full of funny homophones it’s guaranteed to have you giggling.

Love the seriousness of this girl’s face as she plays cards.

D and I spent at least 15 minutes just laughing and pointing out all jokes in the menu. Some of the funnier ones included

  • Piggy in the Middle – pork belly on rye with nectarine chutney
  • Bck-Bck-Begerk – harissa chicken baguette
  • Three Bears Out Hunting – rapadura-enriched porridge with stewed rhubarb and pistachio praline
  • The Lego – eggs any way with your choice of sides
  • Identity Crisis – French Baguette, Swiss brown mushrooms, Italian taleggio – what I think Switzerland could have been like. Unfortunately, Switzerland wins the prize for combining three of the most exuberant cultures to make one totally devoid of interest and passion.
  • My personal favourite, Leeky Coq – poached chicken baguette with braised leek and olive tapenade. Sounds brilliant but I just couldn’t bring myself to ask the male waiter for it…

They use Axil coffee here, and it really is quite excellent. A mild blend with caramel overtones.

On our first visit, D and I both had sandwiches – we’d arrived later in the day so most were already gone, but I decided on “Duck season (rabbit season) duck season” – a tribute to Loony Tunes characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. A far cry from Bugs’ diet of carrots, this baby had confit duck stuffed into a ciabatta roll with spiced orange chutney, petite herbs and mustard shoots. It was mostly very good, but there was far, far too much orange chutney, and it completely overwhelmed the flavour of the duck.

D had the Knuckle Sandwich, which surprisingly comes with beef knuckle (rather than the usual pork), cornichons and mustard cress. He said it was nice but needed a bit more zing to it.

Afterwards, I found myself drawn in by the delicious looking spread of sweets sprawled across the counter. The Pour Kids has an excellent pastry chef/supplier, and I was all too willing to sample. From almond croissants to flourless orange cake to financiers (this type, not these), the range was most impressive.

Though temped by the rocky road and the pecan tart, I ended up getting a favourite of mine, the “insert double entendre here” lemon curd tart.

The lemon curd was very nice, a perfect balance between sweet and sour, and the thin layer of dark chocolate lining the inside of the pastry was an interesting touch.

Some months later, D and I returned and tried out the non-bready section of their menu. D had what I think is one of the best dishes on their menu, the Duck for Cover. Italian-style pork sausage with burnt butter gnocchi, a fried egg and swiss chard.
Fried gnocchi is potentially one of the best gastronomic experiences one can have: the crunchy exterior gives way to a melty soft pillow of starchy goodness, all warmed by the homely taste of butter and thyme. The swiss chard added some much needed greenery. Overall an excellent dish, and one I will certainly be ordering at my next visit!

I had the Mush Ado About Nothing: taleggio and pinenut tart with sauteed mushrooms and herbs. This was also incredible – taleggio and mushrooms really are a match made in heaven. I was particularly impressed at the range of mushrooms involved, including Maitake mushrooms, which I’d never tried before but had the consistency of kelp.

The Pour Kids is a welcome addition to Malvern, and while their sandwiches may need tweaking (though I’ve heard excellent things about the baguettes), their brunchy dishes are spot-on creative, and the coffee is good. Highly recommended if you’re in need of a multi-coloured pick-me-up!

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