Dublin: The Queen of Tarts

February 3, 2011

Cows Lane, Dame Street, Dublin

This is also a copy of a post I wrote in Dublin on 4th December 2010, I thought I’d include it because it really was the most darling little place, a utopia of baked goods.

This is a wonderful cafe in Dublin that K and I tried upon the suggestion order of S. From now on I will pay complete attention to S’s recommendations because this place was amazing! The photos are only a brief example of all the wonderful treats on offer. Warm blackberry and apple crumble, pear and almond tart, carrot cake, plum tart oozing nectar, victoria sponge cake, walnut brownie, cheesecake, mince pies, biscotti, cupcakes, raspberry frangipani, chocolate pecan tart, absolutely everything and absolutely mouthwatering. K and I were practically salivating at the counter, but composed ourselves enough to order something savory for lunch and, for me, a latte. Well, it seems I can find no fault whatsoever with this place. My potato, red onion, cheddar and rosemary tart was delicious, the coffee was great (if a bit small for the price), and the lemon-meringue pie we shared afterwards was scrumptious. This was one of the stronger coffees I’ve had here, which was actually a pleasant change – perhaps Melbourne generally makes stronger coffees. Anyway, this was a real treat, and anyone in Dublin should definitely pop in here for lunch or afternoon tea.


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