The Salmon Shop

February 6, 2011

339-343 High Street, Kew

Ahh, my first review of a place in Melbourne, how exciting! M and I went out for lunch one sunny summer day to a place that’s recently opened at the top end of the Kew Junction called the Salmon Shop. They’ve got an interesting set-out, a third of the space is reserved for the cafe that does lunch and dinners (thurs and fri), a third is filled with a delicatessen-type shop selling all salmon products under the sun plus lots of yummy looking extras from tasmanian producers, and the last third is taken up by an open kitchen that they use for demonstrations and cooking classes. Quite interesting, but I think it works. And if they include how to cook the perfect salmon in their classes I’m definitely enrolling because the fish we both had was superb.

M and I both ordered the seared salmon with chickpea and roasted capsicum salad and eggplant puree. The salad also had coriander and fennel. While I love eggplant, chickpeas and fennel, I’m not a big fan of raw coriander, which I left on the side of my plate (childish, I know). M also pointed out that the salad needed a little more seasoning. Having said that, this was a deliciously light and fresh dish, the salmon was delicate and soft, not oily or chewy or fishy – perfectly cooked. The eggplant puree was an interesting but pleasant accompaniment. Overall delicious, I’d gladly come here again. Though I must warn you only to come if you like SALMON (this being the salmon shop). They had one  meat dish, and a token prawn dish, but the rest of the menu is entirely salmon-based. On the plus side, if you do like salmon and care for a boost in your omega-3 levels, this place offers one of the best cooked pieces of salmon you’ll get, and quite reasonably priced too.

A welcome addition to the Kew Junction crowd, I think. Although while driving down to Toscano’s I did notice that Via Verona, Italian matriarch of the Junction had undergone a transformation. Homely Italian bistro turned into snazzy cafe with dark wooden benches and floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the street. Hmmm, while I do think the inside looks very nice, half of the point of going to Via Verona was because it was kind of daggy and no cool people went there. But I will wait to pass judgement until I’ve actually been there (just as long as they still serve those ham and cheese toasties I’ve eaten since I was a kid!)

Salmon food shop

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