Two Birds One Stone

January 7, 2013

12 Claremont Street, South Yarra

Two Birds One Stone was always going to be a winner. The latest gastronomic child of the cafe experts who brought us APTE, Liar Liar and Three Bags Full, Two Birds brings a modern edge to the up-and-coming food scene in South Yarra.

I don’t eat out in South Yarra much, but I’m making an effort to get down there more – Mama Baba, Movida Bakery, Burch & Purchase and Claremont Tonic are on my list, even if I think asking $19 for a small box of DIY sushi tacos is absolutely criminal.

Two Birds One Stone is a beautiful cafe, a light-filled, modern space with white tiles, macramé pot plants and polished wood. It’s like a posh, less industrial version of Three Bags Full, both the fit-out and the menu are slightly more polished (and the clientele too, I should add – when did people start wearing full make up and heels to brunch for christ’s sake?)

They’ve also made brilliant use of the space available – a giant sized communal table (a cafe staple), a couple of small tables for pairs, plus some cleverly partitioned booths for bigger groups.

Coffee is a Five Senses blend, all pulled expertly on a shiny silver Synesso. My double ristretto flat white was predictably good; strong and nutty. Service was polished and efficient.

Their breakfast menu is alluring – I’ve heard good things about the house made bircher, the twice cooked marmalade french toast and the ham hock Benedict. My tendency to order breakfast dishes past noon and my unwavering affection for eggs married happily with the afternoon hour in the form of a salt cod & potato fritter with spinach, a poached egg and a caper berry dressing.

Being of Mediterranean descent, I’m a bit of a fan of salted cod, or bacalhau. I thought this was a good rendition of a dish we make at home, though perhaps the chunks of potato were at times too big. The fritter worked well with the runny yolk and a healthy pile of spinach.

C has the braised saltbush lamb sandwich, a bright and satisfying affair of meat, smashed peas, feta, mint and chilli. I forget to ask how it was (too busy laughing at C’s stories from Oktoberfest), but it did look delicious and was neatly polished off.

I managed to exercise enough self-control not to order one of their chocolate cheesecake brownies with my second coffee. I’d go so far as to say that they’re life changing – and I’m certainly grateful I don’t live nearby Two Birds One Stone or Three Bags Full – they’re all I’d eat!

Two Birds One Stone had glided effortlessly, gracefully into the South Yarra dining scene – pop in for the smooth confident atmosphere of the place – stay for the coffee and the top-notch brunch. Two Breakfast Birds, One Stone. Easy Peasy.

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