Vegie Bar

October 8, 2011

380 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

BOY has this post been a long time coming! I have been wanting to write about the Vegie Bar, which I’ve eaten at many times before, for ages, but every time I go I manage to forget my camera/notebook, or when I plan to go and remember my gear, the place is full and we can’t get a table! But finally I managed to arrange to have lunch with D, who lives oh-so-conveniently up the road just off Brunswick Street.

Compared to the bustling village feel of Vegie Bar of an evening, during the day it was pleasantly quiet.

I’ve always really liked the paneled windows, they seem to frame the outside street so nicely.

Music/arts posters completely cover the main wall in the first room. I especially liked the comfy, bright green chairs around my table.

A huge display of bay leaves (?) (almost enough to constitute an entire tree) sat on the table where I was sitting, giving me some welcomed privacy from the rest of the bar.

I started with a Ginger Tonic whilst waiting for D to arrive. It’s made of fresh lemon juice infused with ginger and local honey. Sadly, I found it far to acidic for my liking, and would have preferred an extra spoonful of honey to sweeten it. Perhaps I’ll go with the more pedestrian apple juice next time.

D ordered his usual: the vermicelli rice noodles wok tossed with tofu, asian greens and capsicum in a Vietnamese style sweet chilli sauce and sesame reduction, topped with peanuts, bean shoots and coriander (what a mouthful!). I’ve always been dubious at the idea of vermicelli with sweet chilli stir fry, but celiac D always enjoys it. Plus the servings are so massive, and the staff so cheery, you can’t help but feel a terrific sense of value.

I forwent my usual Mee Goreng and the tasty sounding roti wrap and chose instead the Soba Noodle Salad. Japanese buckwheat noodles with cucumber, snow peas, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, arame, spring onion and avocado tossed in a tamari, rice wine vinegar dressing with toasted sesame seeds. Arame is a type of kelp which in this dish had been sliced into thin black strips and mixed into the salad.

I really enjoyed this dish, it made me feel so healthy! The Japanese noodles were awesome, and the dressing was very light and slightly tangy. I didn’t think the tomatoes and avocado would work but somehow they did, and I enjoyed munching on the fried spring onion bits on top.

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