Von Haus

June 20, 2011

1 Crossley Street, Melbourne
As T and I stepped out of Pellegrini’s and I stood taking a photo of the outside of the restaurant, T suddenly exclaimed “Oh THERE’S Gingerboy!” I peered down Crossley Street to the glowing red lights of Gingerboy (I really must go there), and as my eyes travelled back up towards Bourke Street they came across an unassuming doorway with a small round sign sitting above: Von Haus. “Oh THERE’S Von Haus!” I exclaimed brightly, and dragged T in for a coffee, ignoring her protests of “well, I really must be going now, plenty of study to do…” No time for excuses, there are lane-way coffee houses to explore!

There was a moment of confusion as we stepped in the door as to whether to continue up the wooden staircase or turn left through an unmarked dark door, but the door opened into a space that, oddly enough, made me think of walking into an Edwardian kitchen. The dark wooden tables, grand fireplace and mantle, and quaint looking serving plates and cutlery all add to the artfully unkempt, secretive feel of the place. T thought it was perhaps a tad too dark, which I am inclined to agree with – I had to strain my eyes to read the menu written on a blackboard by the bar. It offered an interesting sample of baguettes, winter salads and soups. Plus they have some very nice wines on offer and French farmhouse cider, which I fell in love with while in Normandy last year. I shall definitely keep this place in mind when I need my cider fix!

My coffee was a little bit bitter, to be truthful, but not enough to make it unpleasant. Check out the adorable teaspoon handle and miniature shovel in the sugar bowl! Little touches like these make a cafe, I think. Despite the average coffee, the menu looked appetising, so I’d like to come back to try some food here. Von Haus is a quiet, pleasant place to be, and yet another one of Melbourne’s many lane-way bars I can tick off my to-try list!

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