August 7, 2011

90 Union Street, Malvern
In my post on the Coin Laundry, I said that it would be unjust to judge Armadale/Malvern on just one visit, and that return visits would be needed. This time I skipped over Armadale and tried out it’s neighbour, Malvern, which is much the same really. D and I had coffee (and I had breakfast) at Willim, which recently featured as a standout cafe in the Age’s 2011 list. It was raining when we arrived, but as we left the sun came out and I took this picture of the bench and tables outside.

Inside, Willim hosts a pleasant mix of clientele, there were a few young people, a couple of elderly women gossiping over cappuccinos, and the perennial cafe-sitter of the Eastern suburbs, The Soccer Mum. Nonetheless, I really loved the attractive, celler-esque fit out and atmosphere of the place.

First up we ordered coffees, a flat white for D and a latte for me. My coffee was maybe a tad too lukewarm for my liking, although the flip side is it was the perfect temperature to drink immediately. It wasn’t particularly strong but had a nice flavour. I’ve read that Willim is known for it’s coffee, so I was expecting a slightly stronger drink a la Liar Liar or Seven Seeds, but I enjoyed my house blend latte all the same.

I’ve recently gotten into the terrible habit of looking up the menu of cafes/restaurants on Urbanspoon.com and choosing what I want before I actually get to the restaurant, which is not a good thing at all because it removes the spontaneity from going to a new place. The other downside is that I sometimes build up my expectations of a dish, or imagine it to be something else and am disappointed when the actual plate appears in front of me.

The flip side of this OCD behaviour is that I get awfully excited about going, and eager to tuck into whatever dish (or dishes) catches my eye. The later was the case with Willim. I’ve written before about my freakish obsession with avocado, and there’s nothing better than some well-poached eggs. I’ve also come to the conclusion, over my brunching chronicles, that a good multigrain bread is the best match for eggs and avocado. Sourdough is the next best thing.

I went a bit nuts photographing my eggs, setting up the toast and trying to stage a “yolk dribble” shot, and later a “casual mid-meal shot”. I loved this dish, simple but yummy.

Bells jars covering friands and brownies line the counter.
Muffins still in their baking trays and (one of) Willim’s coffee machines.

Willim Espresso on Urbanspoon

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