Yo-Chi Carlton Launch

April 26, 2014

194 Faraday Street, Carlton
A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the late launch of Yo-Chi’s Carlton store. A fan of their original shop in St Kilda, and having visited the Carlton shop several times before the launch, I was thrilled to be attending. It turned out to be a cold and rainy night, but that didn’t detract invitees from indulging in the frozen delights on offer!

 Yo-Chi yoghurt is probably the best frozen yoghurt I’ve tried in Melbourne. A good frozen yoghurt experience for me is all about the quality of the product – Yo-Chi uses 98% fat free probiotic yoghurts, and also offers some soy options for the lactose intolerant. All colours and flavours look and taste natural, and they’ve got a great range of flavour options.

I typically go with the natural tart flavour, but during the launch I sampled a couple of their more inventive options, including chai (seriously good), soybean banana (banana fans will freak out over this) and avocado & lime, a very sophisticated combination which was surprisingly delicious.

Yo-Chi also has a great range of toppings – plenty of freshly cut fruit (bananas in caramel or watermelon with mint, anyone?), bowls of nuts, crumbly halva and sweet treats line the long counter in the store. As with all self-serve experiences, it can be difficult to choose just a few!

Having assembled your yoghurt cup, you pay by weight at the counter. Final step: dig in!!

In addition to being much bigger than their St Kilda store, the Carlton one also boasts a brand new ‘smoochi’ stand, where staff are happy to blitz up one of the delicious smoothies on offer. At the launch we were able to sample quite a few of these, including the banana, berry and peanut butter.

Predictably, the peanut butter ‘smoochi’ was my favourite, a heady mix of banana, peanuts and vanilla. It’s certainly something I’ll be returning to on the next warm-ish day we have!

With Yo-Chi now so close to university, a yoghurt a day is certainly a maxim I’m willing to get behind!

Thanks to Yo-Chi and PR Darling for the invitation.

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