March 10, 2013

292 Carlisle St, St Kilda

So, how about this hot weather we’re having? I’m enjoying the balmy evenings spent on rooftops, but I have to say any public transport in weather over 35 degrees is a nightmare. At home we’ve been eating a lot of sushi, seafood and thai beef salads for dinner – anything that doesn’t involve the oven!

Nic and I were due for a catch up, and we’d initially considered Southpaw’s high tea as part of the MFWF. But the thought of hot tea with so much food in 30 degree heat wasn’t appealing. And what better way, I ask you, is there to celebrate this hot weather than with a frozen yogurt, enjoyed while sitting along chilled out Carlisle Street? Iced treats for lunch all the way!!

You’re not idiots, so I won’t go into great detail on the process at Yo-Chi. Basically you serve yourself any flavour/s of yogurt, add whatever toppings you like (be creative!) and then pay by weight. Go nuts, we sure did!

Nic and I sampled as many flavours as we could between us; she mixed a tub of their original tart flavour with passionfruit and coconut, and topped it with raspberry coulis, passionfruit and halva. “Mine’s so ugly – everything’s the same colour!”, says Nic. Well yes, but at least it’s got a halva personality! Get it? Get it?

My infinitely more attractive cup of yogurt included a sample of their original (slightly) sweet vanilla, mixed berry and chai yogurts, topped with raspberry coulis, strawberry pearls (unusual liquid filled capsule things, quite tasty though), chocolate covered goji berries and a scattering of coconut.

Feeling as triumphant as this statue with our frozen yogurt creations, we decided the original tart, the coconut and the chai were the winners out of the flavours we tried. Around us were lots of young families, the children almost unilaterally going for a giant tub of chocolate yogurt topped with M&Ms and wafers.

Apparently this stuff is reasonably healthy, high in probiotics, brimming with active cultures (bacteria for all!!) 98% fat free etc, for those of you on a health kick. So hurry on down to Carlisle Street and get thee to Yo-Chi!

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